You can be good at relationships again.

You have what it takes. You were born with it. 

But you need to give yourself radical permission to feel good in your own skin. To trust your heart as much as you trust your own breath. To be kind to her.

To encourage your dreams instead of dismiss or squash them. To accept every part of you and know, without a hint of doubt, that you belong. 

Your heart's loyalty, its ever-present beating, is proof. Proof that your heart was made to hold by someone who honors it, no matter how many bad experiences in love. You are worthy of love.

Photo by Morgan Day Cecil


The Single Woman's Anthem: 


  • Knows at the core of her being that she is worthy of love

  • Lives with confidence in or out of relationships

  • Unapologetically chooses what is best for her heart

  • Moves beyond past hurts to realize all men are not the same

  • Loves imperfectly, because there's grace to be human

  • Believes she can be good at relationships again