About Lauren


Hi! I'm Lauren. I believe the most beautiful moments are born in the struggle to win our lives back from disappointment and create a story we love.  

 But nothing good ever comes cheap. I have insecure days when I worry about the future. Other days, I have trouble breathing from laughing so hard. I scream loud when I jump into cold water. I have an unreasonable collection of red lipsticks and coffee mugs. My favorite writers are all named Annie. A bouquet of roses is good but a field of red tulips is best. I tend to be a bit of a sass mouth. I need help.

In Jesus alone, I find every reason to hope.

I started this blog after a tough breakup when I was struggling to believe that real love was out there (and for me). (Disclaimer: This blog is not about "kissing dating goodbye"or throwing past boyfriends under the bus. Lord knows there's enough bad things people say about their exes online.) Single Living with a Happy Heart is about focusing on personal growth right where you are. 

I know how dating culture can feel more like a fast-track to ruining your heart than it does the path to success. In the puddle hop from relationship to relationship and back again, things can be different from this manic, endless cycle. The beautiful part is that whether dating or single, you can choose what is good for your heart. Let's do this together