About Lauren








Hi, I'm Lauren.

My friends call me Lo. The Pacific Northwest is the little corner of the world where I get to tell my story. I believe the most beautiful moments are born in the struggle to win our lives back from disappointment and create a story we love.  

 But nothing good ever comes cheap. I have insecure days when I worry about the future. Other days, I have trouble breathing from laughing so hard. I have an unreasonable collection of red lipsticks and coffee mugs. In Jesus, I find every reason to hope.

Living single with a happy heart is part of my story.

I'm passionate about connecting with other millennials who are navigating a confusing dating culture that feels more like a fast-track to ruining your heart than it does the path to success.

In the puddle hop from relationship to relationship and back again, things can be different from this manic, endless cycle. The beautiful part is that you can choose what is good for your heart. 

If you're tired of trying to stuff an identity gap in your heart that was never meant to be filled with another person, you're not alone. Singleness can be lived in a meaningful way that is also kind to your heart. Let's do this together